Innovative funding models will be pursued for Mindgardens, including combination of private and public partnerships with hospitals and insurers for funding. Research income will come from competitive grants, with a governmental grant to ensure that infrastructure can be established.

Other sources of funding will include private clinicians such as psychiatrists, neurologists, other physicians and physiotherapists contracted to provide services using existing funding models, including Better Access to Mental Health Services and the ATAPS program.

Many of the services will be eligible for co-payments. NRMA, Police and Defence Forces will contribute funds for assessment of complex cases from their own organisations. Trainees will be employees of the LHDs who are funded through current models. There will be an active drive for philanthropy and fund-raising at the community level.

In addition, Mindgardens will develop relationships with NewSouth Innovations (the commercialisation arm of UNSW) and have direct links with NGOs, venture capitalists and the drugs and devices industry to exploit its intellectual property for the benefit of future research and the good of all NSW citizens.