Challenge: Diagnosing Dementia

Half the people with dementia are under- or misdiagnosed. Rates of correct diagnosis are even lower for rarer causes and in younger people. Over 90% will have behavioural and psychological symptoms.

Mindgardens solution

Mindgardens is researching ways to develop better diagnostic systems working with GPs and practice nurses. Mindgardens is already renowned for the longest running memory clinic in Australia, and has pioneered research clinics in areas such as frontotemporal dementia.
Mindgardens will:

  • provide a one-stop shop for tertiary pre-eminent specialist services with access to high tech imaging and laboratory facilities to meet the complex diagnostic challenges of timely and accurate diagnoses of dementia
  • build its expertise with big data linkages to examine hospital and community care data to maximise efficiency of care and patient outcome
  • develop diagnostic tools for more rapid and accurate diagnoses
  • continue developing strategies to maintain cognitive health and prevent decline.