The Mindgardens approach depends on a high level of integration between research and clinical practice, inclusive of all Member organisations and partners in the community. To support this, Mindgardens is committed to building the capacity of people and systems to work together effectively.

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MindLabs is a capacity building and education platform that underpins the Mindgardens Flagships and Research Programs.

To ensure clinicians and consumers can be fully involved in answering the research questions they generate, they can access training and support in research protocols through MindLab. Regular seminars and professional development events will focus on different elements of the research process, drawing on the expertise of the Mindgardens Members and supplemented with Mindgardens in-house capacity.

MindLabs can support Mindgardens researchers, no matter what their background or professional discipline, in:

  • Developing a research idea into a project plan
  • Preparing human research ethics applications
  • Including lived experience in research design
  • Applying for grants and other funding
  • Providing skills matching and mentoring


To work and research together effectively, Mindgardens Members, clinicians and researchers need to be able to access and contribute to shared datasets.

The MINData platform supports clinical trials and translation of research into practice by allowing patients to be enrolled in studies through general practice or specialist care, ensuring privacy and research protocols are managed consistently across all settings.

A comprehensive shared data warehouse and analytics platform, Research Office Data Environment (RODE), has been developed to address privacy and interoperability issues, supporting patients to enter clinical trials from any point in the Mindgardens network and facilitating the collection and integration of research and clinical data.