Building skills to support people living with complex mental illness

The Tertiary Referral Service for Psychosis the only service of its kind in NSW and aims to lead the way in setting new benchmarks for the quality of clinical care in public mental health services.

This pioneering centre provides specialised tertiary referral psychosis services that combine the very best in expert clinical assessments and treatments with professional education and training in higher level clinical skills, family and community engagement, and clinical effectiveness and investigative research. It offers:

  • Individualised therapeutic approaches, including medication, psychological support, physical health care, and drug and alcohol and smoking cessation treatment
  • Access to clinical and psychosocial research studies to ensure the most severely affected patients benefit as soon as possible
  • Training for clinicians in providing cognitive remediation to patients

More information about the Tertiary Referral Service for Psychosis including referral information can be found in the TRSP Brochure

June 2024

Trauma and Psychosis – Current Evidence and Implications for Practice

Professor Sarah Bendall, Head-Trauma and Youth Mental Health, Orygen

May 2024

Managing Clozapine Adverse Drug Reactions

Professor Dan Siskind, Psychiatrist, Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane

April 2024

Understanding and managing the risk of violence in clinical settings

Dr Nicholas Burns, Clinical Lead, Rehabilitation Psychiatry, NSW Ministry of Health

November 2023

Improving clinical & functional outcomes for people living with psychosis

Associate Professor Julia Lappin, Psychiatrist ​​and Clinical Director of the NSW Tertiary Referral Service for Psychosis

October 2023

Protecting the physical health of people living with psychosis

Professor Jackie Curtis, Executive Director, Mindgardens Neuroscience Network

September 2023

Physical Health & Mental Health- A NSW population level view

Professor Grant Sara, Director, InforMH, System Information and Analytics Branch, NSW Ministry of Health

August 2023

Let’s Talk about Voices

Haylee Zink, Occupational Therapist and Senior Specialist Rehabilitation Clinician, Northern Sydney LHD Specialist Rehabilitation Service.

Dr Stephanie Bradstock, Consultant Psychiatrist with the Assertive Outreach Team of the Northern Beaches Mental Health Service

Kiko Ranawake, Consumer Peer Worker, Northern Sydney LHD and co-facilitator of a Hearing Voices Recovery Support Group with the Specialist Rehabilitation Service

July 2023

Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) for Schizophrenia

Professor Anthony Harris, Head of the Specialty of Psychiatry, Sydney Medical School

June 2023

Cognitive Remediation Therapy (CRT): Translating Online Therapy to Real World Outcomes

Dr Chloe Gott, Clinical Neuropsychologist,  Tertiary Referral Service for Psychosis

May 2023

Intellectual Disability Psychiatry: What Clinicians Need to Know

Dr Pramudie Gunaratne, Neuropsychiatrist and senior research fellow at the Department of Developmental Disability Neuropsychiatry (3DN), UNSW

March 2023

Drug-induced psychosis: what to ask and what to do

Associate Professor Julia Lappin, Psychiatrist ​​and Clinical Director of the NSW Tertiary Referral Service for Psychosis

February 2023

Clozapine for Clinicians

Professor Dan Siskind, Psychiatrist, Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane

Funding Sources

  • NSW Ministry of Health
  • Commonwealth grant funding awarded by the Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care