Bridging the gap between clinicians, researchers and patients

Information and data management systems across research and health-based organisations often do not integrate, so clinicians and researchers struggle to access the data they need for treatment and research.

MindData is a shared data system across Mindgardens Member universities, hospitals, clinics and research institutes. MindData lets patients enter clinical trials from any point in our network, with their records accessible to approved collaborators. That improves efficiency and creates more meaningful insights across mental health, drug and alcohol and neurological disorders.

What MindData does

MindData incorporates an innovative data management platform – the Research Operational Data Environment (RODE).

RODE allows for data sharing across organisations, enabling information access for research and clinical decision support. The RODE platform focuses on:

  • Improving the completeness of patients’ medical records
  • Streamlining researchers’ access to the data
  • Automating analysis of the records
  • Project collaboration across the Mindgardens Member organisations


Funding Sources

  • Commonwealth grant funding awarded by the Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care

MindData Research Lead

Professor Chris White

Professor Chris White

Professor Chris White is the Director of the Department of Endocrinology at the Prince of Wales Hospital and a Conjoint Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of NSW. He is the clinical director of the analytical laboratory endocrine services at the Prince of Wales Hospital and supervises the osteoporosis and bone mineral density clinics for the campus of hospitals co-located at Randwick.

He has strong links across the Randwick precinct including Mental Health, Sydney Children’s Hospital and Royal Hospital for Women and supports research activities investigating risk of readmission, inpatient and community based diabetes management, gestational diabetes and survivors of childhood cancer.


A/Prof White led the development of software for clinical decision making, natural language processing and a distributed data platform for widespread use and safe and secure access to patient health records. He is currently the Interim Executive Director of Maridulu Budyari Gumal – the Sydney Partnership for Health Education, Research and Enterprise (SPHERE).