Decolonising mental health systems: Global experiences of wellbeing

April 25, 2023
Black Dog Institute

Tuesday, 17 January 2023

Six Indigenous global leaders in mental health and wellbeing from four different countries held a free two-hour webinar as part of Black Dog Institute’s Summit on Self-Harm.

As part of the webinar, each shared their experiences of walking in two worlds and of navigating mental health systems to ensure the wellbeing, healing, and self-determination of Indigenous peoples.

Often people use the phrase “knowledge is power,” yet often knowledge is not shared with the masses and is protected by institutions and peoples in positions of privilege and power, Dr Clinton Schultz, Director of First Nations Partnerships says. As responsible corporate citizens, institutions and individuals within these, we hold a responsibility to ensure knowledge and learning opportunities are accessible to as many people as possible as a means of education and empowerment.

This webinar, held as a free event within the Summit on Self-Harm, was an outstanding example of First Nations-driven international perspectives regarding mental health services, systems, research and practices being engaged with by an open audience in a way that was accessible, inclusive and empowering .

“It was an honour to share space with all our guests and to learn from each and everyone one of them. It was a privilege to be able to present our work in an open forum that allowed community members an opportunity to participate in learning and knowledge sharing.” – Clinton Schultz, Director First Nations Partnerships

Watch the full webinar below.