Making the right call on mental health at work

November 22, 2023
Black Dog Institute Mental Health

With high job demand and poor support being a common psychosocial hazard in the telecommunications industry, small and dynamic company, Waveconn, have put measures in place to minimise risks to mental health and create a supportive work environment.

After working for over three decades in high-risk industries, Joshua Maxwell brought his wealth of experience in workplace health and safety (WHS) to various organisations before taking on the role of Director WHS, Risk and Security at Waveconn.

“We’re a fast-paced small team that are often juggling multiple portfolios and working long hours. Mental health is just as important, if not, more important than physical health. It’s essential to have support mechanisms in place. Previous organisations I’ve worked for haven’t and I’ve seen the impact of that,“ said Josh.

“The mental health and mental fitness of our people is crucial to the ongoing success of Waveconn. It’s important to invest in our people to ensure that they’re happy, healthy and want to stay with the company,” he continued.

Committed to achieving the highest standards, Waveconn went through the process of achieving their ISO 45003 certification.

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